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Ageless Beauty 
Alice in Wonderland
American Revolution
Apple of my Eye
Apricot Beauty
Avante Garde
Aztec Furnace
Bandit Man
Barbara Mitchell
Berti Ferris
Best Beau
Better Believe it
Bibbity Bibbity Boo
Black Eye Stella
Black Eye Susan
Blue Sheen
Bold Tiger
Bourbon King
Bright Dancer
Catherine Woodbury
Calico Jack
Chicago Apache
Chicago Cattleya
Chicago Picotee Lace
Christmas Ribbon
Colonial Dame
Cool One
Cream Drop
Cute as Can Be
Dare to Love
Daring Deception
Darla Anita
Destined to see
Double Button
Dragon Dreams
Dragon's Eye
Dublin Elaine
Enchanted April
Etched Eyes
Exploded Pumpkin
Eye on America
Finders Keepers
Firestorm ( spider )
First Knight
Frances Joiner
Frans Hals
Fulva Double " Kwanso "
Gentle Shepherd
George Caleb
Gypsey Jingle
Hall's Pink
Happy Returns
Hazel's Stitchery
Heavenly Angel Ice
Hermitage Newton
Highland Lord
Hush Little Baby
Ice Carnival
Irish Envy
Jamaican Me Crazy
Jeanne Fitton
Jungle Beauty
Just Plum Happy
Karen Sue
King George
Lacy Doily
Lady Inara
Laurie M. ( non-enregistrée)
Lavender Blue Baby 
Little Flock
Little Grapette
Little Light of Mine
Little Wine Cup
Longfield's Twins
Mad Max ( spider )
Madam Spider
Malaysian Monarch
Marilyn Siwick
Marque Moon
Mauna Loa
Melon Balls
Mighty Chestnut
Moonlight Masquerade
Moses Fire
Night Beacon
Night Embers
Over the Top
Paige Pinata
Pandora's Box
Parade of Peacocks
Pardon Me
Patricia Fay
Pink Damask
Pink Monday
Pink Stripes
Plum Royal
Puppet Master
Purple Storm
Raspberry Winter
Red Cup
Red Fountain
Red Hot Returns
Red Volunteer
Roses in Snow
Royal Braid
Ruby De Oro
Sabine Bauer
Sammy Russell
Seal of Approval
Siloam Amazing Grace
Siloam Bye Lo
Siloam Double Classic
Siloam Ethel Smith
Siloam Peony Display
Siloam Ribbon Candy
Soleil Soleil
Space Coast Gator Eye
Space Coast Sea Shells
Space Coast Starbust
Spiritual Corridor
Stella de Oro
Strawberry Candy
Summer Dragon
Summer Wine
Sunday Gloves
Sweet Hot Chocolate
Tick Tock ( Tic Toc)
Time Lord
Tuscawilla Tigress
Two to Tango 
Unlock the Stars
Volcano Queen
Winnie the Pooh
You Angel You